Kevin Wong


Kevin Wong believes data has the potential to change the world for good, and he loves to deliver insightful analysis in an impactful manner by unlocking value from messy datasets,.

This website is a product of the final project Kevin has completed at Data Science Retreat in Berlin, which, despite its name, is a 3-month long, gruesomely intensive course in data science.

Steam does not offer revenue sharing and this website is currently self funded.


Feedback to this website or feature requests are welcome. You can email Kevin at or join the Steam group "nextvideogame".

Click Here for Kevin's LinkedIn Profile.


Special thanks to:

Alex Riemer & Elsa Tang, Alex Salles, David Lusby, Benjamin Arthur Lupton, Zhongfeng Sun, Wai Tong Chu and Mucha La for providing me your Steam Web API Keys.

All mentors and fellow students at Data Science Retreat who has provided me invaluable suggestions, special mention to Ted Dunning for the algorithm, Trent McConaghy for pointing out there is a need to evaluate the algorithm, Jose Quesada for tips on Python and web development, Carlo Restelli for testing the website, and Thomas Müller for challenging me to come up with my own web scraper.

My lovely parents for taking care of me throughout 3 months of intensive studies at Data Science Retreat.

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